Does Your Website Header Help or Hurt Your Online Business?

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As one of the tens of millions of sites across the internet, how do you expect to possibly compete in your niche for new customers? That is often a question that all online business owners must consider at some point in time. Online competition is fierce because there is a relatively low barrier of entry, and you’re competing with the world as opposed to simply regional or national markets. While it may often seem like a difficult to nearly impossible task, the answer of how you can compete successfully with the best of companies isn’t as elusive as you may think.

Among copywriters, there is an old saying that success is “all in the title”. This is a hyperbole, meant to emphasize the importance of headlines in advertising. The reason for this is that with written text, the headline is the first thing the customer sees. Of course, on the internet, the header is the first thing a visitor sees when they land on your website. Therefore, one of the ways to compete successfully is to have a website header which pops out and grabs the customer’s attention.

There are many ways to accomplish creating a header that will keep customers on your web page. First and foremost, it should have professional, modern graphics. Aesthetics on the internet change over time, which means that graphics from the late 1990s look cheap and antiquated by Web 2.0 standards. So you have to constantly strive for the very best, which means understanding better what customers expect to see.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do much of the work yourself. There are two options. You can either hire a professional design agency, to produce a unique header at a cost of several hundred dollars, or use a pre-designed template created by an experienced designer. For many people just starting out, the second choice is the most appropriate one. Not only can they save money by using a header template, but they can also edit it themselves, to give it a look that is different from the other sites who purchased the same template.

Best of all, these templates are themed and created with the needs of business in mind. They’re designed to really capture the web surfer’s attention, so they’ll stop for a few seconds and look at the content.

In the online world, quality traffic makes the difference between businesses that are ultimately successful and those that fail miserably. The key to quality traffic is to get visitors to remain on your website for as long as possible. Studies have shown that the longer they stay, the more likely they’ll become a paying customer. There is no better way to increase retention than to have a professional quality header combined with useful content. Fortunately, such quality headers can be purchased for just a few dollars and can have instant impact on your bottom line once they’re uploaded to the website.

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